Just an umbrella, ma’am!

At least I looked decent…Siri had me thinking that it was going to rain all day.

So maybe my rain boots weren’t very useful, and maybe my super cute umbrella kinda made me look dumb, and maybe my uber white legs made me look like a giant marshmallow, (isn’t that every day, Jen?) but I walked around with confidence. I left my house in hopes that it would be raining enough to snap a cool picture of the horizon. Long story short, it wasn’t. My windshield wipers were used ZERO times, but (with the help of Mackelmore) my Sunday drive was everything that I hoped it would be.

Oh, is that a raindrop I feel? Yes’m. That was genuine excitement, my friend. Too bad I left my umbrella in the car (bless my little heart).

Now, if there was only one puddle for me to stomp around in…

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