Hot mess confession

Somedays I’m kinda crazy. Somedays I’m kinda emotional. And some days I’m just dumb. Today, I’m a mixture of all three. Forgive me, as I have lost a good amount of brain cells recently. IT’S FINALS WEEK AND I’M TOTALLY LOSING IT. Soooo, to help keep me sane, let’s pretty please talk about cute clothes…

I know that this may sound a lil bit contradictory of me, given the three adjectives that I threw at you to describe me, but I’m also pretty simple…at times. Sometimes I can be extra, but that’s a song for another time (Old Dominion reference…any country music fans out there??). LITERALLY, one of my favoritest (YO GRAMMAR NAZIS, CHILL OUT, I KNOW THAT’S NOT A WORD) things ever is flats and blue jeans (and obviously awkward poses…back off, I’m trying, ok?). This one’s for the simple folks out there. The ones who would rather be reading a book than going to a concert. The ones who identify with Toby Flenderson more than with Jim Halpert (Office fans, where ya at?). Oh, and do you notice anything? No crop top! Oh, but those look cute with jeans and flats, too. Really though, what doesn’t? It’s Spring, you guyzzzzz. Wheee!!

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9 thoughts on “Hot mess confession”

  1. Good luck with your final exams! Last year I put a little “postage” on my 4th grade final exam buy paper clipping a $100 bill to it… I will be repeating the 4th grade next semester… I consider myself a fourth grade enthusiast.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’°

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  2. I don’t recommend it, Jen. Next semester will be my third semester in the fourth grade… my teacher, Mr Busby, likes me… So I’m thinking the only way I’m going to see the fifth grade… Is to study…. I hate to say it but fourth grade isn’t just a constant stream of cookies and milk, field trips and safety drills.πŸ‘πŸ‘

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