Whoop whoop

Yes, my blog is about clothes. That’s why I named it CLOTHES and such. It’s a fashion blog! So you probably think I wear cute clothes all the time, right? Ohhhhh boy, do I have a surprise for you. I took my Spanish 2 final today. No. More. Spanish…geez, I hope I passed. I studied my BUTT off for that thing and it made me realize that college is making me sacrifice too much. I’ve given up hours of sleep because of it, I’ve spent a bazillion dollars on text books, (guys…BOOKS) and I think my hair is starting to fall out. And this is all for a degree?? Oh…wait, I want one of those. I guess I’ll stay in school. It’s whatever, I’ll sleep when I’m dead. ANYWAY, I fantasize about sleep when I’m in the classroom. So much so that I wore my slippers to class today (moccasins?? Ok, all I know is that I wear these things as slippers and refer to them as gosh dang SLIPPERS).

You know what’s crazy? This was no accident. I totally did this on purpose. And guess what? I got ZERO judgmental looks. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a COLLEGE. I’m pretty sure that all of us have worn slippers, bath robes, face masks (yes, FACEMASKS. It’s happened before…) etc.. We understand that this is a place where people who are running on 3-4 hours of sleep come to gather. We’re our own culture.

See you never, Spanish 3. Ha!

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