Mental Health

Here’s Why You Should Start Journaling Now

I have journaled ever since my middle school days. I wrote at least 3 entries a week. Looking back at them, I’m so thankful that I kept a record of what was going on in my life. Otherwise, I would have forgotten it completely. When I was sad, happy, angry, excited, or even scared, I would write it down. I never missed the opportunity. I do the same thing now.

Many people in the workplace will recommend journaling. In fact, many successful business people do it. It causes you to think more effectively, as well as to put things in categories. In school, you will see many students write down an important deadline, or take notes on what your professor is lecturing. The reason being that it is essential for memory recall.

Mental health is extremely important. I’m not saying that keeping a journal will completely cure your anxiety, but it certainly helps. Journaling will give you the peace of mind that you need. If you have a lot of bottled up emotions, it’s good to let it out. It’s never healthy to keep your thoughts, especially the thoughts that are causing you any kind of anxiety, to yourself.

Let your creative juices flow. Yes, journaling helps you to come up with new ideas, and it might even inspire you.

Journaling your thoughts is as helpful as speaking your mind to another person. Sure, a journal doesn’t give you feedback, but it definitely helps to get things off of your chest. I have come across several people that seem so nervous and on edge about everything. I give the same advice to them that I give everybody. Get a journal.

It has been proven that journaling will help you to reduce stress, minimize anxiety, and help one to cope with depression. Believe it or not, journaling can actually help you to stay organized. Writing down a “to do” list or prioritizing your goals will not only help you to get motivated, but it will help you to break it down. It almost makes things seem easier.

The message here is this:

It isn’t necessarily just having a journal that will give you peace of mind. It’s writing your inner thoughts down. Grab a pen and a scrap piece of paper. It’s fun to look back at your writings to measure your progress, but as long as writing down your issues gets the job done, go for it.