A day in the life of Sister Florence

My dog, Sister Florence, has an interesting life. She enjoys cuddling with her momma, pawing at her whenever she’s bored, and eating. If Sister could talk, I have a feeling that she would be full of sass. When she’s ready to eat, she doesn’t care how tired or how early it is. For instance, Sister has a habit of waking her mother up at 3 in the morning. She’s up and full of energy when most humans are still sound asleep. Luckily, her momma loves her and thinks that she’s worth it.

Sister knows that it is essential to a dog’s health to get cardio. Which is why she loves going on walks with her mother. She may not be the nicest pet on the planet, but she sure is one of the smartest.

Sister Florence is a mixed breed. An Australian shepherd, schnauzer, wire haired terrier mix. I rescued her from a local shelter. Many people, like me, believe that shelter dogs are better. Most of them have a bit of house training already, and they almost always come with their vaccinations. Not to mention that adopting a dog from a shelter is the cheaper option.

Sister is not a huge fan of other dogs…or some humans. If you come near her momma, she doesn’t like that. You see, Sister is very protective of her momma, and those that she is close to. Although she is not a huge dog, and can’t do much damage to anybody, she still gets in trouble for her attitude.

Sister Florence’s grandmother has her own dog, Bing. And Sister isn’t a huge fan. Bing annoys her, and she puts him in his place. And don’t even get me started on how she acts when I start to give him attention. She’s a huge momma’s girl, and will fight any being that dares to lay their hands on her. Yes, even if it’s a friendly gesture, such as a hug.

There is an exception…if you have a street up your sleeve, you will immediately become Sister’s best friend. If you have any food whatsoever, you become Sister Florence’s favorite person. She still won’t love you more than her momma, but she’ll love you…until the second that you stop giving her treats.