Here a woof, there a woof

This article was published in “Creekside Living.” Crazy how my dog is famous

Let me introduce you to my goofy girl. Her name is Sister Florence. She is approximately 8 years old, and was a failed foster attempt! The couple that had her before me adopted her when she was young, and loved and pampered her for years. However, the husband became very sick with a brain tumor. My mother offered to take Sister into her care until she was able to find a new home for her. It may sound cheesy, but when I first laid my eyes on her, I knew that I couldn’t let that cutie pie go! 

Sister wasn’t the name that I gave her, however, it’s the perfect name for her! Her middle name, Florence, is a name that I gave to her. There is no reason behind her middle name, other than the fact that I just like it! I only use her middle name when she’s in trouble.

Don’t get me started on all the silly quirks that my furry friend has. I won’t go into all of them, but one of my favorites has to be the way that she greets me when I get home. She wiggles her entire body, and jumps up on me with those talon-like claws that she has…and yes, I regularly clip them. It still doesn’t make it any less painful. Another one of my favorites is how she lets me know that she wants something. For example, when she is hungry or needs to go out, she will come up to me to let me know. All that she does is simply give me that adorable look that she has down to a fine art. If I don’t act right away, she will go bother the next person that she can find. If she STILL doesn’t get what she wants, she will stand right in front of me, look right at me, and present me with a singular bark. No matter what my mood is at the moment, it always makes me grin. 

My bearded lady is quite the laid back one. I will never ever NOT appreciate the fact that she lays right next to me…and does absolutely nothing else. Sure, she will give me an occasional lick on the face, but overall, she couldn’t be more mellow. It fits my personality like a glove. And THAT is why Sister and I were meant to cross paths. 

Now for a funny story: Sister, while she is quite the laid back woman, can get hyper at times. And I, who can also get hyper (and maybe a little bit crazy) at times, enjoy egging her on. I know when Sister wants to play, because she playfully crouches down and barks at me. I’ll look at her and “woof” right back at her. This only makes Sister bark more. We go back and forth “woofing” at each other, until I go and get her a treat. Then, it’s over. We go right back to sitting in silence. And that’s our entire relationship.

Every scratch that I have on my legs and arms, every hour of lost sleep, and every dollar that I’ve spent at the vet has been 110% worth it. I get my best friend in return! She’s a silly one, but she sure knows how to steal a heart.