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Wits & Wedges: Pt. 1

So much jewelry in one place! Is being starstruck by jewelry a thing? Because that was me today. The Noonday Collection hooked us up with several stunning pieces (and made for a few pretty cool photos…get ready, Instagram). Mrs. Wendy Hogan (@endyway), the pretty lady who represents (and does a good job) this FANTABULOUS collection, laid out multiple trays packed with lovely necklaces, bracelets, AND earrings. Y’all, she EVEN supplied us with our stylin’ purses. Come on, girl… I can’t just choose ONE necklace, ONE bracelet, and ONE pair of earrings. And that, my friends, is why we took a bazillion pictures giving EVERY piece the attention it deserved. Due to the OODLES of pieces we had, this post is only going to cover a third of this selection…stay tuned for the other two thirds (hey mom, I’m good at math!) Now…time to make every jewelry lover jealous…

HEY FAM (two of them are my “metaphorical fam”). The lovely lady in the red, Lilly (@lillyhodges), came along with her (sugar, spice, and literally EVERYTHING nice) momma (@christinahodges) to help me showcase some shizzzzz. And that pretty blonde lady next to me is MY momma (@berrymckelvain). Oh my GOSH, y’all, I’m one proud fella. Aren’t my folks just totally adorbs??

We struck a few poses outside before we melted. We were totally about to sweat our “cool” off. And I don’t think anybody wants to see a bunch of pictures of under enthusiastic women who were once full of hopes and dreams drenched in sweat…oh, you do? Well. That’s weird…

The fact that we are in the shade is no accident…

Alright…what’s so special about this jewelry? Sit tight, I’ll tell ya. These pieces, (HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS, GUYS) are handcrafted in places like Haiti and Guatemala. If THAT doesn’t make these pieces even cooler (not to mention, they’re super cute), then I don’t know WHAT will (oh, oh, I wore it!! Does that help?? No?? Ok den)…

Lilly and her momma bear helped each other through the process of “omg, how do I look?” They did an excellent job because HOLY GUACAMOLE LOOK AT THESE GORGEOUS PEOPLE!!

Do our skin tones clash? Diversity, right? Gotta love it. However, there’s something that we all have in common. Our love of coffee. Our friends at Refuge Coffee (@refugecoffeefairhope) did us the solidest solid and let us shoot in their shop, rearrange their furniture, AND use their very own back room so that we could brainstorm ideas. Pretty dang solid, ay? And not to mention, they have the best gosh darn coffee in the freaking world. Still waiting for this place to become a chain and get famous. I want the world to experience this liquid energy. You would be blessed to burn your tongue on some of this jitter juice.@jenny.biggs

Going out of your comfort zone is something that you should try. It just WORKED. At the risk of sounding like a cheeseball, don’t be afraid of leaving that whole “comfort zone” thing behind. Take a risk once in a while! You may end up surprising yourself. 🤗😊



The moral floral: rompers

Flowers are pretty. I think I’ll wear them. Even though I’m not smart enough to know what kind of flower I’m wearing (roses, I believe), I walk around like I DO! For real, it’s bad. Sometimes I’ll mix up a tulip from a violet…a VIOLET! My (modest) romper made me feel like quite the important person. It was a heck of an illusion 🤫😆

My legs and I…we have a love/hate relationship. They are sooooo long, which is cool, but there are so many clothes that I can’t wear because of this (not to mention, shaving them takes forever)!! It’s hit and miss with these things. I’ll wear shorts, just NORMAL length shorts…not too short…and I MAKE them look SUPER short. It’s a challenge to find a modest pair. Now, if the suckers were already short to begin with, it’s pretty much hopeless…About the romper…it’s dark, and it makes me look even more pale than I already am, but it’s cute, ok? Online shopping is my favorite thing, and the wonderful folks of Shein have great prices, modest clothing (I’m not one for the whole “I’m going to show as much skin as I can so guys will like me” look), AND it’s cute. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a store with ALL THREE qualities? When I find a place like this, I stick with it. So…hope you’re ready to see more cute rompers.

“Hey…nice shoes. They look like they hurt.” Well. JOKE’S ON YOU CUZ THEY TOTALLY ONLY GAVE ME LIKE ONE BLISTER! So ha.

Now, please don’t be confused, men. Yes, I think rompers are cute, but I think the MALE romper (wait, that isn’t on trend, is it??) makes you look a little, what’s the word…gooberish. But hey, if that’s what you’re going for, knock yourself out.

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This entire generation, AMIRITE? Oh look, there’s a guy with a scarf and skinny jeans on…in the SUMMER. And oh, somebody just got offended because their acquaintance is playing Christmas music a smidge too early. And hey, look at me, I got a record player and I put black and white filters on my photos so that means I’m totally hipster. You’re not fooling anybody. Why is everybody so sensitive? Every time I turn on the news, there’s a new group of boycotting feminists because the word “man” is too much for them to handle. I think they’re waiting for the rest of the world to give them a moment of silence for being SO mistreated because somebody assumed their gender…I mean REALLY. Yo, ladies. Nobody feels bad for you. We’re over here rolling our eyes.

Here’s my proposal…we stop creating new fashion trends (or trends in general 😒) and bring back the old ones. Ay? Ay? That’s not offensive, is it? It’s almost like we’ve run out of cool ideas. “Wait, but we have cool stuff!!” Yeah, maybe like wifi and stuff…but face it, y’all. We’re kind of lazy. We wear yoga pants as ACTUAL pants (totally not judging because I’ve done it several times in the past, but hey, at least I know I’m lazy).

Soooo, my featured trend today is *drumroll* WHITE SNEAKERS (Coming at ya, Pam Beasly). White sneakers, although they shouldn’t be worn on a muddy day, make a pretty awesome partner for a pair of blue jeans…and mini skirts…and sun dresses…you know, it would probably be easier to name things that they WOULDN’T go with.

1. Prom dresses

I love these things. Almost as much as I love my Venti, soy milk, sugar free, extra shot of espresso, no foam latte. Ha, KIDDING. I’ve never been that girl. And if you are, every barista in the world hates you. But anyway…guys guys look at my shoes.

Probably showing too much arm…sorry, did I offend you? Well, that’s your fault. I said to look at my SHOES, not my arms. Ha, gotcha. Oh, and I tried to get a cute picture of me jumping but I ended up nearly decapitating myself…it’s whatever.

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How to be a middle aged mom in your 20s

The power of clothing, y’all. I’ve always had an “older” taste in clothing. It’s pretty convenient for me that vintage is in. Although I wouldn’t describe my outfit today as “vintage”, I think the flats, paired with my pastel, linen pants, and let’s not ignore my (didn’t realize it at the time, but WAY too hot for Springtime) blouse that I so carefully tucked in, make me look like I could walk in a daycare, ask to pick up my kid, and the staff would hand me a toddler (but I totally wouldn’t take it because that, my friends, is an AMBER ALERT). Maybe it’s just something in the air, but Springtime weather makes me want to get up offa my thang and tell people that Jesus loves them. It’s a happy time, and our outfits should reflect that. I know in my previous blogs, I’ve talked about how neutral colors are my favorite. Yes, that’s true. But every now and then, I like to throw in a fun color. ESPECIALLY in the Spring. Oh, and I had a different white top on this morning. I got a burrito and…yup. It was pretty much downhill from there. BUT (shoutout to Taco Bell) OH MY GOSH IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!

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R.I.P. Squirrel Norman

In the span of 3 days, I got my first ticket, ran over a squirrel, (basically, it was insult to injury because the poor thing WAS ALREADY DEAD) and realized that my Spanish class is out to get me. Will somebody smart please tell me how to differentiate between preterite forms and imperfect forms?? GEEZ LOUISE, it’s like one hit after the other. High school, I am so sorry for complaining about you. I KNOW that things could be worse. I know. I’m GRATEFUL for what the good Lord has given me. I just get a lil bit (ok, A LOT of bit) overwhelmed sometimes. Who doesn’t? For those that say “nah, life is good” GOD BLESS YOU PEOPLE, I wish I was you…and obviously you aren’t taking college level Spanish. I wish I was cool enough to be bilingual. If you are, props to ya. I have a dream. A dream where everybody is a metaphorical hipster (meta-freaking-PHORICAL) and throwing around the word “peace” like there’s no tomorrow. Tell me that wouldn’t be a good world. Maybe there would be a few issues with people who have different ideas of “metaphorical hipster”, but I still have to work out the kinks. I propose that everybody just chills the frick out.

P.s. I think I would make a good president.

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Hot mess confession

Somedays I’m kinda crazy. Somedays I’m kinda emotional. And some days I’m just dumb. Today, I’m a mixture of all three. Forgive me, as I have lost a good amount of brain cells recently. IT’S FINALS WEEK AND I’M TOTALLY LOSING IT. Soooo, to help keep me sane, let’s pretty please talk about cute clothes…

I know that this may sound a lil bit contradictory of me, given the three adjectives that I threw at you to describe me, but I’m also pretty simple…at times. Sometimes I can be extra, but that’s a song for another time (Old Dominion reference…any country music fans out there??). LITERALLY, one of my favoritest (YO GRAMMAR NAZIS, CHILL OUT, I KNOW THAT’S NOT A WORD) things ever is flats and blue jeans (and obviously awkward poses…back off, I’m trying, ok?). This one’s for the simple folks out there. The ones who would rather be reading a book than going to a concert. The ones who identify with Toby Flenderson more than with Jim Halpert (Office fans, where ya at?). Oh, and do you notice anything? No crop top! Oh, but those look cute with jeans and flats, too. Really though, what doesn’t? It’s Spring, you guyzzzzz. Wheee!!

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Just an umbrella, ma’am!

At least I looked decent…Siri had me thinking that it was going to rain all day.

So maybe my rain boots weren’t very useful, and maybe my super cute umbrella kinda made me look dumb, and maybe my uber white legs made me look like a giant marshmallow, (isn’t that every day, Jen?) but I walked around with confidence. I left my house in hopes that it would be raining enough to snap a cool picture of the horizon. Long story short, it wasn’t. My windshield wipers were used ZERO times, but (with the help of Mackelmore) my Sunday drive was everything that I hoped it would be.

Oh, is that a raindrop I feel? Yes’m. That was genuine excitement, my friend. Too bad I left my umbrella in the car (bless my little heart).

Now, if there was only one puddle for me to stomp around in…

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