Here a woof, there a woof

This article was published in “Creekside Living.” Crazy how my dog is famous

Let me introduce you to my goofy girl. Her name is Sister Florence. She is approximately 8 years old, and was a failed foster attempt! The couple that had her before me adopted her when she was young, and loved and pampered her for years. However, the husband became very sick with a brain tumor. My mother offered to take Sister into her care until she was able to find a new home for her. It may sound cheesy, but when I first laid my eyes on her, I knew that I couldn’t let that cutie pie go! 

Sister wasn’t the name that I gave her, however, it’s the perfect name for her! Her middle name, Florence, is a name that I gave to her. There is no reason behind her middle name, other than the fact that I just like it! I only use her middle name when she’s in trouble.

Don’t get me started on all the silly quirks that my furry friend has. I won’t go into all of them, but one of my favorites has to be the way that she greets me when I get home. She wiggles her entire body, and jumps up on me with those talon-like claws that she has…and yes, I regularly clip them. It still doesn’t make it any less painful. Another one of my favorites is how she lets me know that she wants something. For example, when she is hungry or needs to go out, she will come up to me to let me know. All that she does is simply give me that adorable look that she has down to a fine art. If I don’t act right away, she will go bother the next person that she can find. If she STILL doesn’t get what she wants, she will stand right in front of me, look right at me, and present me with a singular bark. No matter what my mood is at the moment, it always makes me grin. 

My bearded lady is quite the laid back one. I will never ever NOT appreciate the fact that she lays right next to me…and does absolutely nothing else. Sure, she will give me an occasional lick on the face, but overall, she couldn’t be more mellow. It fits my personality like a glove. And THAT is why Sister and I were meant to cross paths. 

Now for a funny story: Sister, while she is quite the laid back woman, can get hyper at times. And I, who can also get hyper (and maybe a little bit crazy) at times, enjoy egging her on. I know when Sister wants to play, because she playfully crouches down and barks at me. I’ll look at her and “woof” right back at her. This only makes Sister bark more. We go back and forth “woofing” at each other, until I go and get her a treat. Then, it’s over. We go right back to sitting in silence. And that’s our entire relationship.

Every scratch that I have on my legs and arms, every hour of lost sleep, and every dollar that I’ve spent at the vet has been 110% worth it. I get my best friend in return! She’s a silly one, but she sure knows how to steal a heart.


No, not that kind of tea…

Sitting down this morning with my cup of tea. Doctoring it up to tickle my fancy. As I watch the teabag sink to the bottom of my cup, it immediately starts to influence the clear water.

Is that a bad thing? No. Is that what the teabag is supposed to do? Yes.

Know your purpose, my friends.

If you are unfamiliar with how to make tea, it requires some waiting. You must first fill up your kettle with water. That takes time. Then, you must place the kettle on the hot stove and wait for the kettle to scream. That takes time. In the meantime, you must take down your favorite mug and place your teabag in it. After you hear the beautiful sound of the kettle screeching, remove it from the heat. Carefully pour your steaming water over your teabag. Now, you must wait for it to steep. Guess what? That takes time.

Fast forward approximately four minutes. What have you got? A cup of tea! Finally! But, isn’t it good? Wasn’t it worth the wait? For me, it 100% is. Every single time.

Ok, ok, ok…

That’s my fun little way of getting my point across.

Let me ask you, did you get anything from my little tutorial? I believe I was pretty clear.

HEY, good things take time. It could be a relationship, it could be a career, it could be LITERALLY ANYTHING. What is that thing that you’re waiting for?

Well, now that you ask, I’m waiting on my college degree. SIX YEARS in the making, guys. I’ve finally arrived to my last year. It’s going to feel SO good when I finally get to call myself a college graduate. And no, I’m not upset that I still have to call myself an undergrad.

It SUCKED to call myself an undergrad when the last school year wrapped up. All of my friends were graduating, and had a pretty good idea of the future. They had it all together. And I was so JEALOUS.

Well, that’s when my tea (*cough cough* GOD) taught me something.

Don’t rush yourself. That’s unfair. You are who you are. And that should be enough. That is enough. Maybe I’m a fool, but I think that everything happens for a reason. I know that I didn’t finish my college career in 4 years because I would have gone CRAZY if I had signed up for even one more semester hour. And for the sake of others, it’s a good thing that I am just now finishing.

Oh, and of course, there’s a bazillion other things in my life that happened for a reason, at the right time, and WASN’T just a huge coincidence. But, I’ll bore you with the details some other time.

Isn’t it funny how God works? He taught me that lesson through TEA!

And to think that I was just waiting on my morning shot of caffeine…ha.

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Breaks are Healthy…

WHOA!! That was uncalled for. I’m so sorry. What has it been, like a YEAR since I’ve posted on my beloved blog? Guys, I’m sorry, I’ve been busy. How’s that for a crummy excuse?

Seriously though…it’s been since the end of last summer since I posted anything. I was an insecure, emotional, little child (HA, still am)! Aaaand that’s why I needed this amazing outlet that allowed my little brain to say whatever the heck it wanted.

And hey, can you guess why I’m back?? Because my little brain is ready to let it all out again.

Ha, listen to me. Acting like I have lots to say. Maybe, just maybe, I actually do. Stay tuned to find out…

How’s THAT for petty?!


My Farewell Letter

I knew this day would come. I just didn’t know that it would be so soon. My cousin (I swear, he was born yesterday) left for COLLEGE…

College…it’s a wonderful thing…when it’s, like, 5 minutes away. In this case, it’s FOUR DANG HOURS AWAY! Miles, my 18 year old cousin, has been stolen from me by The University of Alabama. They’re going to keep him for approximately four years before we get him back.

Sure, he’s happy, and sure, he’s in good hands. But UGH!!! I miss the dude!

When Miles left, our entire, ginormous family went into a tizzy. All of our combined feelings came together to form a giant ball of emotions. We all wrote letters to him, and tried not to cry all over each other. I would like to say we succeeded, but….

When I was writing my letter, with every other word I wrote came another emotion. Sad, angry, sentimental, giggly, and a touch of “I-want-ice-cream”. I know the lil dude is happy and having the absolute time of his life. But…just…when did my tiny little baby get to the age where it’s legal for him to drive a freaking car? AND WHEN THE HECK DID HE GET OLD ENOUGH TO GO TO COLLEGE?! I’ve been preparing for this day ever since his voice got lower. It still wasn’t enough time.

If you’re in the mood to read one of my emotional blobs, stick around. I’ve gotcha covered.

Behold, my soppy letter:

Miles. Freaking. Thomas. Don’t laugh at me for being the most cliche cheeseball EVER, but…I remember when you were a lil peanut!! You were the most adorable peanut I’ve ever seen! Ya know, I can’t really help the fact that I’m an emotional twenty-something year old, (especially when my favorite cousin named Miles is leaving me) but I CAN control the overwhelming urge to come up to Bama every weekend to squeeze your cheeks and embarrass the heck out of you in front of all your cool friends. It’s hard, but I’m doing this for you…you’re welcome.

So. I believe it’s time for some comic relief (ya know…so that I can distract myself from from the little girl inside me that keeps reminding me that you’re about to be 4 hours away).

Remember when we were all at your house, and I convinced you that I had seen Bloody Mary in the bathroom mirror? It scared the bajeezus out of you. But, hate to tell ya, the story doesn’t end there. You finally got smart and called me out for being a big, full of crap, bully. Well. After you forgave me and we were friends again, we all, as a family, went out to a Mexican restaurant. If I remember correctly, we were celebrating my 16th birthday, and I just KNEW that my dad was going to request a pie to be smashed in my face. Unfortunately for you, I had planned to have the pie smashed in YOUR face. I went up to our waiter, explained the whole situation, (I’m a big jerk, I’m trying to prank my cousin, etc.) and he was on board. The entire staff came out a few minutes later, put the sombrero on MY head to throw everybody at our table off, and stood by me as if I was about to get a face full of pie. Oh…but that was not the case. Our waiter snuck up behind you, armed with a plate full of whipped cream, and BAM! He totally caught you off guard. Right then and there, you knew that I was the one behind it all, and you just stared at me. I laughed my little arse off, thinking that I was off the hook. Nah, bro. There was a pie for me, too. BAM! Now we both were covered in whipped cream and the entire restaurant was staring. You weren’t mad at me, because I had made a huge fool out of myself, and you were nice enough to let my uber embarrassment be your sweet, sweet revenge. So. Thank you for that.


PS: Roll tide, ya little twerp. Love you.


I’m not always like this butttt…

Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t have your moments, too. I’m an emotional person, ok? I’ll cry over nonsense and get made fun of because of it.


I had to go into this fancy building the other day. I’m wearing a dress, heels, and all I’m carrying are my keys and my phone. I look like the least intimidating person ever. I have to go through security before entering the main building. I put my keys and my phone on the tray and gave the officer a really high pitched “hiiii.”

He wasn’t amused.

“There’s pepper spray on your key chain. You can either take it back to your car right now or I’m going to confiscate it. You will not get it back.”

I teared up. He used the word “confiscate!” It sounded so police-like! For a minute I thought he was going to arrest me. It was terrifying!

In a soft voice, I said:

“My feet hurt, and it’s a long walk to my car. You can have it.”

Without saying a word, he took my pepper spray off of my keychain and handed my keys back to me.

*sniffle sniffle*

I took them from him and whispered, “have a nice day.”

I made my way to the lobby of the building and another officer stopped me. I guess you can say that I wear my emotions on my sleeve, because he saw that I was about to break down into a big puddle of emotions.

“Ma’am, is everything ok? Was that your pepper spray?”

“Oh, yes sir, but it’s ok. I’ve never used it anyway. I’ve just always kept it with me in case I ever needed to protect myself.”

“Oh, well you made a smart move. Those things go bad after about 9 months.”

“Oh, ok. Thank you. Have a nice day!”

That made it a little bit better. But it still didn’t stop the wild emotions that I was feeling.

I fast walked to the nearest bench as a tear rolled down my cheek. I hung my head and let out the quiet sob that I had been holding in for way too long. Let me tell you, it’s been a whirlwind of events these past few weeks. It wasn’t just my pepper spray being confiscated that made me break down. I’ve realized some things over the past few weeks. I’ve made some pretty big sacrifices for some things that turned out to be nonexistent. I didn’t go to my dream college so that I could stay here and chase after something that I ended up regretting. Fast forward a year, and all I regret now is not going with my gut. Who knows where I would be?

Deep stuff, but I learned my lesson.

Moral of the story:

• Crying is healthy. Don’t hold back something that you’ve been putting in any amount of effort keeping in.

• Don’t make sacrifices for anything or anyone that you’re not sure is here to stay.

• Take time for your mental health, whether it be going out with friends, spending time with your family, or (my personal fave) getting a mani pedi!

Maybe if I would have taken this advice earlier, I wouldn’t be crying in public. Luckily, nobody saw me…I don’t think.

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I just turned 22 *deep breaths, deep breaths*

I don’t know about you, but I feel that the older you get, the more pressure is thrown at you.

“Are you married yet?”

“Do you have kids?”

“Do you live by yourself?”

GUYS, I’M A JUNIOR IN COLLEGE! I’m working on it. I’m not married, I definitely don’t have children, (but I have a really cute dog!!) and I still live with my mom (remember how I told you that I’m still in college?)

Remember the cute dog I was talking about?

If you’re interested at all, I’m working on a Bachelors degree in Communications with a focus in Public Relations. At least I know what I’m doing with my life! Now…somebody come pat me on the back.

To make you feel a tad bit better, here’s a look into my first experiences at college:

When I graduated high school, I was a little bitty 17 year old…yes, I was one of the youngest in my graduating class. I was planning on pursuing a degree in psychology. I enrolled in a community college near me, and began taking all of my basic classes (because I still wasn’t positive that I wanted to go for psychology). After about a week in school, I decided that I wanted to be a marine biologist, instead. It just sounded cool, ok?? Well…I took biology (just basic biology) and it scared me off. I changed my major, once more, to social work. It didn’t take long for me to realize that it WAS NOT for me.

I was ready to raise the white flag, when my dad came up with an idea. “Hey Jen, have you ever thought about majoring in Public Relations??” No, dad. No, I haven’t. But, I am now.

Long story short, I took one glance at the degree plan (no math, woohoo!) and fell in love. I’m so happy that I’m doing what I’m doing. It took a lot of praying and a deep conversation with my dad to get me where I am today.

So…to everybody out there who doesn’t know yet. Who feels like they need to have their life together by the time they graduate high school. Here’s my advice to you:

Take a deep breath, and be still and know.

For a quick elaboration, keep reading…

Take a deep breath

Stop everything for a minute, and take a breath. Just close your eyes and turn on some music (cello music is my fave!!) and relax. Your body just needs a minute or two to relax.

Be still

I’m going to tell you right now, this is the hardest part for me. It involves being patient and waiting. Being still, meaning “be patient”, is a critical step in the process. Maybe God’s timing is different than your own. But God has PERFECT timing. Trust in Him, and He will make your paths straight.


Know that you are in the place that you’re in. So many people go through the “denial” phase. If you don’t know what you’re doing with your life, admit that to yourself. Or even better, admit it to a close friend. It really helps to talk about it!

Don’t worry if you’re 22 and aren’t married with two kids…because that’s about where I am right now.

I’m still smilin’!

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Cool things and time machines: The 80s

Do you remember the 80s? Well. Lucky you. I played dress up today and so many things that wouldn’t be acceptable today (denim on denim, “ugly” sweaters, shoulder pads, etc.) were TOTALLY HOT in the 80s. When people say “you’re so extra” OHHH MAN they totally don’t get it. It took me two hours to get ready. I was more extra TODAY then I’ve ever been in my entire life. Did people tease their hair every day? Or did people always have perms? I have so many questions. Here’s a few that I came up with…

1. Did everybody have those cute bug eyed cars? Or was that a different decade?

2. How many bottles of hairspray did you go through in a month?

3. I understand that the folks in the 80s appreciated tight clothing and heels. What if you just felt like having a casual day? What happened then? Was that when the Spandex and leg warmers came out to play?

4. Did anybody wear old fashion trends, such as poodle skirts or bell bottoms, and you were like, “ugh…get with the times”?

Ok, so maybe I put a modern twist on my outfit. I honestly couldn’t help it. I teased the CRAP out of my hair and I just couldn’t get the volume I wanted to achieve…*sniffle sniffle*.

Oh, and one more thing…Ok, so what are ‘Pillow People’? That sounds like some kind of horror film. And Garbage Pail Kids? Huh? What even is that? That sounds like it could be the sequel! Educate me.

Let me know what decade you want to see next!! Follow me on Instagram 💋