Wits & Wedges: Pt. 2

Ahhh, nothing like a good ole sundress. And it looks like everybody got the memo. And THAT is because women have super cool telepathic powers…and then there’s that whole “text message” thing, but whatever, that’s not what I’m here to talk about. We sat down, had light conversation, and forgot that there was a woman (hey Mrs. Wendy!) snapping pictures. Bro, talk about faking it til you make it. It wasn’t easy to pretend like she wasn’t there. Lucky for me, my fellas are champs. Jenny: 1, obviously posed looks: 0.

Our bling things didn’t let us down. No. They built us up. From boho to earthy, to simple to flat out BUSY, (GOOD busy…I mean duh, it’s the Noonday Collection sooooo…) we’ve gotcha covered. You know that feeling when you walk into a department store and are just OVERWHELMED with cute clothing? Yeah. That was us, but with super cute trinkets. Trinkets galore, y’all. If I had a penny for every time I said, “no, I don’t like this necklace” I would have, like…I would be broke. Anybody who read “Wits & Wedges: Pt. 1” (ok, for real, what are you even doing here if you haven’t read part 1?) knows just HOW MUCH jewelry was part of this showcase. OODLES!

First things first. The colors. The Hodges ladies put every other dress to shame in their lil black dresses. Noonday was happy to accommodate. Like mother, like daughter! I’m not sure if they planned this, (probably not, because TELEPATHY, REMEMBER?) but they looked like they were straight outta Hollywood.

Ay? Ay? Sweet Lilly and Mrs. Christina made our cold coffee hot again, if you know what I’m sayin’. The Noonday Collection rushed to their side to help them accessorize. And really, it didn’t take much to make them sparkle. GUYS, GUYS look how gosh darn cute.

And then there were two. The blonde beauty and me. We were the ones that brought the colors (TELEPATHY!). It was a tad more difficult to find bedazzles for us. But fortunately, Noonday likes a challenge. BAM!

“What is that Harry Potter-like thing hanging from your neck??” IT’S A NECKLACE, SILLY! It might be magical…it might not…aaaand that’s for you to find out. CLICK HERE TO LOOK JUST LIKE MEEEEE

Itty bitty cups for itty bitty people. We totally felt like we were at the coolest tea party EVER. Personally, I think we should have been invited to the Royal Wedding, but it’s whatever…




Lilly: @lillyhodges

Mrs. Christina: @christinahodges

The Blonde Beauty: @berrymckelvain

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Wits & Wedges: Pt. 1

So much jewelry in one place! Is being starstruck by jewelry a thing? Because that was me today. The Noonday Collection hooked us up with several stunning pieces (and made for a few pretty cool photos…get ready, Instagram). Mrs. Wendy Hogan (@endyway), the pretty lady who represents (and does a good job) this FANTABULOUS collection, laid out multiple trays packed with lovely necklaces, bracelets, AND earrings. Y’all, she EVEN supplied us with our stylin’ purses. Come on, girl… I can’t just choose ONE necklace, ONE bracelet, and ONE pair of earrings. And that, my friends, is why we took a bazillion pictures giving EVERY piece the attention it deserved. Due to the OODLES of pieces we had, this post is only going to cover a third of this selection…stay tuned for the other two thirds (hey mom, I’m good at math!) Now…time to make every jewelry lover jealous…

HEY FAM (two of them are my “metaphorical fam”). The lovely lady in the red, Lilly (@lillyhodges), came along with her (sugar, spice, and literally EVERYTHING nice) momma (@christinahodges) to help me showcase some shizzzzz. And that pretty blonde lady next to me is MY momma (@berrymckelvain). Oh my GOSH, y’all, I’m one proud fella. Aren’t my folks just totally adorbs??

We struck a few poses outside before we melted. We were totally about to sweat our “cool” off. And I don’t think anybody wants to see a bunch of pictures of under enthusiastic women who were once full of hopes and dreams drenched in sweat…oh, you do? Well. That’s weird…

The fact that we are in the shade is no accident…

Alright…what’s so special about this jewelry? Sit tight, I’ll tell ya. These pieces, (HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS, GUYS) are handcrafted in places like Haiti and Guatemala. If THAT doesn’t make these pieces even cooler (not to mention, they’re super cute), then I don’t know WHAT will (oh, oh, I wore it!! Does that help?? No?? Ok den)…

Lilly and her momma bear helped each other through the process of “omg, how do I look?” They did an excellent job because HOLY GUACAMOLE LOOK AT THESE GORGEOUS PEOPLE!!

Do our skin tones clash? Diversity, right? Gotta love it. However, there’s something that we all have in common. Our love of coffee. Our friends at Refuge Coffee (@refugecoffeefairhope) did us the solidest solid and let us shoot in their shop, rearrange their furniture, AND use their very own back room so that we could brainstorm ideas. Pretty dang solid, ay? And not to mention, they have the best gosh darn coffee in the freaking world. Still waiting for this place to become a chain and get famous. I want the world to experience this liquid energy. You would be blessed to burn your tongue on some of this jitter juice.@jenny.biggs

Going out of your comfort zone is something that you should try. It just WORKED. At the risk of sounding like a cheeseball, don’t be afraid of leaving that whole “comfort zone” thing behind. Take a risk once in a while! You may end up surprising yourself. 🤗😊