Does this thing work?

Admit it. Even when it’s eleventy billion degrees outside, sometimes you want to break out the pants. MAYBE you just didn’t feel like shaving, (in my case, that’s true 50% of the time) or maybe you normally have marshmallow legs and you aren’t quite thrilled with your “tan” that day (that’s the other 50%). And on rare occasions, it’s both.

Do you like clothing that doesn’t require you to suck in every time you take a photo? Well then. I have a treat for youuuuu. Sometimes, I like to take it easy. Duh. I’m pretty sure 99.9% of humanity likes to take it easy sometimes. So here’s what I’ve got for you today…a graphic tee…and JEANS!! Sure, stilettos are sexy. But…sneakers. Know what I’m sayin’?

Here’s what’s going through my mind right now. I’m thinking of a scenario where Kim Kardashian is walking next to me. She has on heels (because, duh), and I have on sneakers (because, DUH). We’re walking our dogs, and all of a sudden, they simultaneously run off. “Omg, what happens next??!!?!!” Well…I catch up to my dog…but unfortunately for Kim, she doesn’t have a dog anymore…because I caught up to her dog, too. Aaaand, now it’s mine. So IF something like that ever happens, you’re welcome.

Ayyyyy, don’t I look cool? I present to you, the (stylish??) jersey. I totally play every sport ever. Ha. Ladies and gentlemen, that is called an illusion. And hey, feel free to hit me up with some of your favorite illusions. I love being fooled! It’s what I live for.

Ok, ok maybe I’m not the best at giving off a good illusion. Because what kind of an athlete has twig arms and has a muscle percentage of .5%?? Oh, and I don’t think my sneakers are the best shoes to play sports in, but I don’t partake in that particular form of art so I could be wrong…