Does this thing work?

Admit it. Even when it’s eleventy billion degrees outside, sometimes you want to break out the pants. MAYBE you just didn’t feel like shaving, (in my case, that’s true 50% of the time) or maybe you normally have marshmallow legs and you aren’t quite thrilled with your “tan” that day (that’s the other 50%). And on rare occasions, it’s both.

Do you like clothing that doesn’t require you to suck in every time you take a photo? Well then. I have a treat for youuuuu. Sometimes, I like to take it easy. Duh. I’m pretty sure 99.9% of humanity likes to take it easy sometimes. So here’s what I’ve got for you today…a graphic tee…and JEANS!! Sure, stilettos are sexy. But…sneakers. Know what I’m sayin’?

Here’s what’s going through my mind right now. I’m thinking of a scenario where Kim Kardashian is walking next to me. She has on heels (because, duh), and I have on sneakers (because, DUH). We’re walking our dogs, and all of a sudden, they simultaneously run off. “Omg, what happens next??!!?!!” Well…I catch up to my dog…but unfortunately for Kim, she doesn’t have a dog anymore…because I caught up to her dog, too. Aaaand, now it’s mine. So IF something like that ever happens, you’re welcome.

Ayyyyy, don’t I look cool? I present to you, the (stylish??) jersey. I totally play every sport ever. Ha. Ladies and gentlemen, that is called an illusion. And hey, feel free to hit me up with some of your favorite illusions. I love being fooled! It’s what I live for.

Ok, ok maybe I’m not the best at giving off a good illusion. Because what kind of an athlete has twig arms and has a muscle percentage of .5%?? Oh, and I don’t think my sneakers are the best shoes to play sports in, but I don’t partake in that particular form of art so I could be wrong…




Wits & Wedges: Part 3

Holy macaroni (yes, I can spell “macaroni” without spell check 😎). Here we are. After two wonderful outfits/bling things/everything else that IS happiness. Behold, part three of three. Don’t look back, (wait, no, actually the jewelry is really cute so…) try not to cry. Dude. I’m trying. I’ve already had to watch my baby cousin (he’s a baby, ok?) graduate high school this month. Now this? Geeeeeez, I need a pint of ice cream (if you want to make a donation, hit me up 🤙 😆). Join me in taking a deep breath as we embark on our final adventure (ahhhh, what?!!).

Hm…there seems to be a theme going on here. CUTE JEWELRY, AYYYYY! But, seriously…it’s quite the fetching find. For our last outfit we said “what the heck” and brought out the fun stuff. No, not beer, cuz GAG. I’m talking bout pom poms and tassels. First of all, “Poms Poms and Tassels” sounds like it could be Kanye’s hot new single, second of all, sit your tushies down cuz I have a story. When I was in the third grade, I was gluing random stuff on other random stuff to make a baller creation. Get this, I totally did. And Lilly’s beaded and brightly colored (yo, take notes, Kanye) earrings, my tassel bedazzles, and my stellar momma’s tassel/pom pom necklace was the coolest case of déjà vu that’s happened to me since…like, in a long time.

My necklace (not that anyone cares, but it reminded me of cool Indian artifacts that you would find in a museum) was my favorite piece. EVEN OVER THE TASSEL BEDAZZLES, AND THAT’S SAYING SOMETHING. Thank you, Indian artifacts, for making me look cool.

Hot pink. Ummm, hot AND pink. And that’s Lilly’s shoes in a nutshell. I mean, come on, tell me I’m wrong. And does Mrs. Christina’s top look like something straight offa Pinterest or WHAT?! Ruffles for DAYZZZZ. The two dark haired beauties looked charming with their teensy lil mugs at their teensy lil table. It made for a teensy lil picture for my teensy lil blog. Bravo, ladies. Bravo.

You look hungry. Here’s a little food for thought:

Do you or a loved one suffer from the opinions of society? Well. Don’t….give….a flying….flip. Tassel bedazzles are here for you.



P.S.: Don’t come crying to me when you have writer’s block, Kanye.

Thank you, Noonday Collection for giving us the opportunity to stand out. Not only did you challenge me and my folks to step out of our comfort zones, but you showed us that it’s not uncomfortable at all. Beauty is all around us. It’s ok to stop and stare! Sometimes, a pair of spunky earrings is all you need to be your best self.

-Jen, Lilly, Christina, and Berry

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Wits & Wedges: Pt. 1

So much jewelry in one place! Is being starstruck by jewelry a thing? Because that was me today. The Noonday Collection hooked us up with several stunning pieces (and made for a few pretty cool photos…get ready, Instagram). Mrs. Wendy Hogan (@endyway), the pretty lady who represents (and does a good job) this FANTABULOUS collection, laid out multiple trays packed with lovely necklaces, bracelets, AND earrings. Y’all, she EVEN supplied us with our stylin’ purses. Come on, girl… I can’t just choose ONE necklace, ONE bracelet, and ONE pair of earrings. And that, my friends, is why we took a bazillion pictures giving EVERY piece the attention it deserved. Due to the OODLES of pieces we had, this post is only going to cover a third of this selection…stay tuned for the other two thirds (hey mom, I’m good at math!) Now…time to make every jewelry lover jealous…

HEY FAM (two of them are my “metaphorical fam”). The lovely lady in the red, Lilly (@lillyhodges), came along with her (sugar, spice, and literally EVERYTHING nice) momma (@christinahodges) to help me showcase some shizzzzz. And that pretty blonde lady next to me is MY momma (@berrymckelvain). Oh my GOSH, y’all, I’m one proud fella. Aren’t my folks just totally adorbs??

We struck a few poses outside before we melted. We were totally about to sweat our “cool” off. And I don’t think anybody wants to see a bunch of pictures of under enthusiastic women who were once full of hopes and dreams drenched in sweat…oh, you do? Well. That’s weird…

The fact that we are in the shade is no accident…

Alright…what’s so special about this jewelry? Sit tight, I’ll tell ya. These pieces, (HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS, GUYS) are handcrafted in places like Haiti and Guatemala. If THAT doesn’t make these pieces even cooler (not to mention, they’re super cute), then I don’t know WHAT will (oh, oh, I wore it!! Does that help?? No?? Ok den)…

Lilly and her momma bear helped each other through the process of “omg, how do I look?” They did an excellent job because HOLY GUACAMOLE LOOK AT THESE GORGEOUS PEOPLE!!

Do our skin tones clash? Diversity, right? Gotta love it. However, there’s something that we all have in common. Our love of coffee. Our friends at Refuge Coffee (@refugecoffeefairhope) did us the solidest solid and let us shoot in their shop, rearrange their furniture, AND use their very own back room so that we could brainstorm ideas. Pretty dang solid, ay? And not to mention, they have the best gosh darn coffee in the freaking world. Still waiting for this place to become a chain and get famous. I want the world to experience this liquid energy. You would be blessed to burn your tongue on some of this jitter juice.@jenny.biggs

Going out of your comfort zone is something that you should try. It just WORKED. At the risk of sounding like a cheeseball, don’t be afraid of leaving that whole “comfort zone” thing behind. Take a risk once in a while! You may end up surprising yourself. 🤗😊